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As people we all see things differently

At Arris Software, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. We know that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a project’s needs.

Some of our identities:

#Gay, #Jewish, #New Englander, #New Yorker, #Polish

Our Team

Jordan Jacobs

Co-Founder | CEO
A two-time Emmy Award-winning Supervising Art Director for over 20 years. Jordan Jacobs has made a career in building teams and mastering how a Film or Television production works. In his career, he has served on the Executive Board of United Scenic Artists Local 829 and been a voter in the Tony and Primetime Emmy Awards. He is one of the co-authors of USA 829’s Best Practice Handbook, and runs the New York Art Directors and Production Designers Google group, which he co-founded.
Charles Delfs

Charles Delfs

Co-Founder | CTO
Mentor, hardware/software dev, athlete, problem solver, musician, original Nutella junkie. Charles has been engaged in advanced problem solving and solution architecture for over a decade. He has also founded FM BetterForms, has been creating "Solution Driven Development" of custom software and hardware for many businesses that have leveraged technology to create data rich online experiences for their customers. Charles has been recognised across the globe as a leader in software development and has been a feature speaker at many conferences.

Toni Barton

Industry Advisor | Production Designer

Yinan Estrada Ortiz

Industry Advisor | ADC

Paige Peterson

Industry Advisor | Clearances

Industry Advisers

Ryan Gargiulo

Industry Advisor | Prop Master

Kristina Kilpe

Industry Advisor | Prop Master

Susannah McCarthy

Industry Advisor | Prop Master

Jackie Wertz

Industry Advisor | Prop Master

Adam Brustein

Industry Advisor | GFX Designer

Hunter Popalis

Industry Advisor | GFX Designer

Kate Tower

Industry Advisor | GFX Designer

Our Development Team

Ana Merfu

Lead UX designer

Pearson Huguenin

Associate UX Designer

Christina Saran

Lead Developer, Frontend

Jason Perry

Lead Developer, Backend

Hassan Mukhtar

Frontend Developer

Alexander Kuchynskyi

Testing and QC

Eduardo Aramizu

Developer | Dev Ops

Andrew Dam


About Cinergy


Cinergy helps Studio and Production teams on Film and Episodic projects organize and collaborate with other departments. Working with a single shared virtual script, users can view, create, and manage all the tasks, photos and drawings on a project.

Cinergy is a product of Arris Software, Inc.


Our goal of Cinergy is to empower collaboration to turn the written word into a visual medium. So that everyone on a production has an opportunity to see their contribution on the screen.

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